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For Families

For Families


What is Building History 3.0?

Building History 3.0 is an online, game-based project that teaches kids about the World War II Japanese American incarceration camps. By doing activities ranging from exploring Minecraft to doing online research, kids, parents, and families can learn about what daily life was like for the people who were kept in the camps and why their stories are relevant today.

What events led to the incarceration camps? What was it like for Japanese American kids to find out that they’d need to leave their friends and homes behind? What did they pack to bring to the camps? What did their living spaces look like? What was life like in the camps, and how long were people forced to live there?

These are just a few questions that kids will answer as they participate in Building History 3.0. The readings and videos will also help them to design their own virtual recreations of the incarceration camps using Minecraft. Encourage them to share their work with friends and family!

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Getting Minecraft

To participate in Building History 3.0, you can use Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Windows 10, iPhone or iPad, Android phone or tablet, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch,or Amazon Fire TV), Minecraft: Java Edition (Windows or macOS), or Minecraft Education Edition (Windows 10, macOS, or iPad). Please refer to the “How To Setup Minecraft” appendix in each lesson plan for more details.