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Suitcase Activity

Further Research

suitcase activity

The suitcase activity in Minecraft puts you in the shoes of Japanese American children who had to pack for the incarceration camps. As you select from a list of items they can fit into their suitcases, you will be confronted with the reality of what would need to be left behind.* 

Teachers: If you want to use this activity with your class, check out our Suitcase Activity Lesson Plan on our Lesson Plans page. In this lesson, students learn about how the executive order to remove Japanese Americans from their homes in 1942 caused immediate hardships for them. On our Introduction to Minecraft page, you’ll find useful tips for getting started in Minecraft.

In order to complete the suitcase activity, you’ll first need to have Minecraft installed on your device.


*Please be aware that some items included in the activity would not have been allowed in the incarceration camps. The purpose of including these items is to prompt discussion about what could and could not be packed for camp, and about the difficult choices that needed to be made by kids and adults, alike.