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Manzanar Virtual Camp and Scavenger Hunt

Get Started

Manzanar virtual camp


In order to explore the Manzanar virtual camp, follow the installation instructions below.

The prison camps where Japanese Americans were held during World War II are still open today as historic places that people can visit to learn about the past. Today, you can visit the camp called Manzanar in California using Minecraft. Follow the directions below to install the Manzanar Camp world map on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Then check out the challenges that follow.

The Manzanar virtual camp in Minecraft is a minimalistic recreation of the Manzanar incarceration. This camp can be visited purely for exploration, or as a blank canvas to allow kids to recreate elements of camp life and the struggles of Japanese Americans as they learn about these in school or at home. Also included in this Minecraft World are three camps created by students who studied Manzanar. (Pro tip: To find the sample additional camps, follow the road outside Manzanar out to the bus, then look for the fork in the road.)

scavenger hunt

As you explore the Manzanar virtual camp, see if you can find the following items:


an American flag


beds for people to sleep on in the barracks


barbed wire fence running around the camp


furnace for heating buildings


guard towers around the camp

Once you’ve explored, try making your own additions to the camp by building things that really existed there. Here are some ideas:

  • Make furniture for the barracks

  • Make new buildings, such as a mess hall, school, or bathrooms

  • Make gardens

  • Make a baseball field


How to install the Manzanar Camp world map

In order to visit the Manzanar virtual camp, you’ll first need to have Minecraft installed on your device.