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The Team 2

Building History 3.0

the team

Renee Tajima-Peña

Project Director

Renee Tajima-Peña is an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker, whose films include Who Killed Vincent Chin?, My America...or Honk if You Love Buddha, and No Más Bebés. At UCLA, she is a professor of Asian American Studies, director of the Center for EthnoCommunications, and holds the endowed chair in Japanese American Studies.


Janet Chen

Project Producer + Manager

Randall Fujimoto

Curriculum Designer

Kim Bathker

Educational Technology Specialist

Azusa Oda

Logo and Web Designer

Charity Capili Ellis

Web Designer

Qris Yamashita

Graphic Designer

melody chen

Project Coordinator

Gena Hamamoto

Project Coordinator

Lailanie Gadia, Gabriel Tajima-Peña, Zolboo Batbaatar, Paige Gresty

Project Assistants

Dr. Valerie Matsumoto, Brian Niiya

Historical Consultants

Milton Liu

Visual Communications, Project Director


Video Production Team

Renee Tajima-Peña


Janet Chen


Gena hamamoto

Associate Producer

Akira Boch, ann kaneko, Evan Kodani, claudio rocha, Adam Singer


jon oh, cody wallace


Gena Hamamoto, Tadashi Nakamura, Eben Portnoy


Eben Portnoy

Trailer Editor

Piper Ackerman

Trailer Narrator

Qris Yamashita

Graphic Designer

Emory Johnson, Gabriel Tajima-Peña

Production Assistants

Conceived by

Gabriel Tajima-Peña

Gabriel Tajima-Peña conceived Building History 3.0 and is the project assistant. He is a student at UC Santa Cruz. His interests are film, photography and music.