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What is Building History 3.0?

Building History 3.0 is an online, game-based curriculum that teaches young people about the World War II Japanese American incarceration camps.

The project encourages

  • independent research

  • digital citizenship

  • STEM skills and design thinking

  • creativity

  • personal reflection

  • effective storytelling

  • empathy and kindness

  • collaboration


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Building History 3.0 is a great way
to engage kids and students!


It can be taught in a variety of settings, including classrooms and clubs. The curriculum is developed in accordance with national and state Common Core Standards. Drawing upon digital game-based learning methods, the curriculum brings educational content into Minecraft to optimize creativity and learning.

This project provides a structured lesson plan that takes users through research, creation, sharing and reflection. It begins with driving questions on themes such as citizenship, civil liberties, democracy, and immigration. Students then conduct research using online and digital resources, books, oral histories and other sources, and analyze and discuss that research. They draw from their research to design their own virtual recreations of the sites using Minecraft.

From there, the possibilities are endless! Students can showcase their final products at public events, via video blogs, or in machinima animations shared online.


Get Minecraft

Depending on which parts of the lesson plans you intend to implement, students can use Minecraft: Java Edition (Windows or macOS), Minecraft Education Edition (Windows 10, macOS, or iPad), or the Minecraft app for mobile devices. Please refer to the “How To Setup Minecraft” appendix in each lesson plan for more details.